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We undertake a whole variety of group photograph requests from classic class shots, football or netball teams, to a schools specialist sewing club or chess club, then move onto larger groups like 60 or so children and teachers in a combined year 6 group. Some small schools might want the whole school photographed together either inside or out, no problem; it's all part of the service. Experienced in organising and making the traditional classic class photograph day flow effortlessly, therefore a little less boring for the children and ideal for the school; we always keep a wary eye out on the detail and picture balance doing our best at creating uniformed rows of happy looking children. School photography of classes has also moved onto more casual and fun poses created by 'montaging' mini groups expertly arranged then back at the studio morphed seamlessly to create a single class group. Before we arrive we liaise with you and also research the days weather conditions and always come equipped to your school or nursery ready for any eventuality, always armed with extra professional lighting equipment, alternative lenses and some seating arrangements.

We are a GDPR compliant company and every safe guard is put in place to keep personal details collected and imagery safe and secure, out of the reach of others. All images are saved, transported, stored, and once finished with both digital or hard copies are destroyed in a controlled safe and secure way. Should a customer request the sooner disposal of any personal detail we may have or image we immediately react to their request and right. ALL digital imagery is kept on a secure devise in a safe & locked place for a maximum of 6 months for nursery / school pictures, 1 year for studio portraiture, and for 3 years for wedding images. Late requests for additional pictures /albums etc are common



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