No school is too big for a creative and attractive school photo!

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A choice of shots in creative poses is not something you expect with high school photographs but with Tiny Pixels we can deliver this! No school is too big! Over the years you may have noticed a lack of sales and general interest from parents in the school photographs your children take home. Maybe the answer is to "go creative" and see if this reignites sales. We have enough photographers and lighting equipment to set up multiple photo stations to get the job done fast and efficiently without compromise on quality.

Or, you may still want good natural classic head and shoulder shots but would like to decrease your schools carbon footprint by using a local supplier while also supporting local business so try Tiny Pixels and give Paul a call 07921 704097 or the team at the studio on 01282 606064. Maybe we can even increase your current commission rate if fund raising is important!



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